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May 02, 2006 - 8:13 p.m.

Les' Love Child

What I'm listening to right now...

Yeah, I'm back. Deal with it.

So, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott (a man who looks to be some kind of failed, bloated clone of late, beloved English comic Les Dawson), the man who's finger is on the trigger when Dictator Blair is away, turns out to have had his finger on a number of triggers!

Supporting the old adage that power is a greater aphrodisiac than looks, Prezza's had his way with what is becoming a veritable list of Reader's Wives, not all of them winning any prizes in the oil painting department.

You've got to feel a boatload of sympthy for the redoubtable Mrs P, who has stated to the media (no doubt into their ever-sympathetic and selfless ears) that she is determined to get through this and make their marriage work.

Here's a news flash for the poor woman - your husband is a man who thinks that a suitable solution to a growing water crisis would be to build hundreds of thousands more homes in the same area. He's incapable of rational thought. "Any more stupid questions?"

With a growing number of Labour MPs under the inimitable spotlight, what with Cuddly Charles' "let our people go" fiasco, and Patricia "Most Patronising Woman in Politics" Hewitt's oscar-winning performance at the Royal College of Nursing (managing to combine both deep pain and unveiled loathing at the same time is really quite a feat), this Thursday's local elections may well be the sea-change many have been hoping for in Teflon Tony's Titanic.

But with the future hope for opposition being either Grim Gordon from within or Baby-faced David from without, what hope is there for any of us?

past-time - future-time

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